Quintet of Radiance Award – I’ve been nominated!

I’ve been nominated for the Quintet of Radiance Award. I would like to thank Foxy-O for the nomination.

I love to blog and it has become one of my passions in life!

So here it goes!!

Most influential blogger

I want to touch you with my words and let you know I am real. Most influential bloggers means my words have made a difference and that you are listening!

Sunshine Award

The world needs more sunshine! Every day shine your light on those around you!

Inner Peace Award

Inner Peace Award for me means I have learned to accept and love myself.  I wake up every day knowing I am a good person and I deserve the best!

ABC Awesome Blog Content Award

My goal is to make you laugh, cry and rejoice in life itself.  Read my words and understand you are not alone and that I am here to share my innermost thoughts with you.

Here comes the fun part I must go through the alphabet!

A – Amicable, I smile and let you in

B – Bloviate, The more words the better

C – Cranky at times

D – Dedicated as I am here to give you my all!

E – Exuberant in life!

F – Feisty on some days especially when someone gets me riled up!

G – Genuine, just look into my eyes and you will see

H – Happy to be here with you

I – Imaginative as my pen and scratch pad are never too far away!

J – Jovial person that wants to make others happy

K – Kindness helps the world

L – Lover not a fighter!

M – Maniac at times

N – Novice blogger

O – Olaf from Frozen I’m in love with him!! Warm hugs for everyone!

P – Positive forever!

Q – Quite a catch just ask my husband!

R – Ravishing(Well I like to think I am!!!!)

S – Singer, I love karaoke!!

T – Tepid as I run hot and cold sometimes!

U – Underwear something I always wear!

V – Vixen as I like to think I look good!

W – Witty

X – Xanadu possibly one of the worst movies with one of my favorite singers Olivia Newton John

Z – Zinger, get to know me and I may be sending these comments your way!

Now for my nominations!










9 thoughts on “Quintet of Radiance Award – I’ve been nominated!

  1. Awe, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You’re so adorable and positive and beautiful!!! I really appreciate the nomination and absolutely love your blog SOOO much!! XOXO!! 😉

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