How Do You Thank Someone You Don’t Even Know?

It’s funny in life how you depend on people.

Even people you don’t know!

They have shown you great love and kindness.

These people instincts are to give and to help others.

I see the images in my mind of those people.

The lady that waited with me one night in the dark for my bus to come because I was afraid to be alone.

A person that stopped to help me after a car accident and called my mother to tell her I was uninjured

The doctor that held my hand when I was sick and weak.

The anesthesiologist that put his warm hand on my face during my c section when I was freezing cold.

How do you say thank you?

I’m not sure.

It makes me think of why I am writing this today.

One of my blogging friends will be away for awhile so I am sad.

Every day I look forward to her encouragement and lively responses.

I truly don’t know her but I feel her warmth and kindness.

A special person!

Get well soon Lisa! ❤

This is for you!







Please come back soon!!


3 thoughts on “How Do You Thank Someone You Don’t Even Know?

  1. Oh my goodness! You are so very very sweet and kind! It truly warms my heart that you think of me this way (wiping heartfelt tears)! I’m just doing what comes natural to me….friends (even if you haven’t ever really met) are just there for you and try to help and support you whenever they can. At least that’s how I am. 🙂 Big BIG hugs for you my dear friend Kim! And lots of love too! I am going to miss you!!! xoxo ❤

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