In this world trying to be positive is not an easy thing.

Writing gives me the chance to feel happy and alive.

It’s not just one moment in my life it a culmination of events. I laugh at myself because I will see my son and feel blessed. Hear my mother’s voice and rejoice. Go to the store and see a new baby and feel tears in my eyes. Celebrate a beautiful sunset.  Dance and sing to sweet music or bask in the warmth of being loved. 

It’s all a part of me! I soak it in every day!! And try to put it on paper!

How do you count your blessings?
Those are given
From up above
Given from people in your life
Filled with undying love
Say the numbers to yourself
Count them on your hand and toes
Sing out praises to the masses
So that everyone knows
Counting blessings to yourself
Gives you different ways
To know you are thought of
And cared for always
Find within your heart
A way to let go out doubt
Be a person always thankful
Let your feelings out
We walk each day one by one
Trying to live our life
We must find ways for peace
Fight against the inner strife
Not an easy plan
For each and every one
Life takes a toll on people
Like a hot and heavy sun
Begin it as a whisper
Let your voice begin to swell
Others shall feel the movement
As you have a story to tell
We look and point
Shout out what is not right
Instead we must look at positives
The concepts within our sights
We live in such beauty
Our lovely homeland
Grants us opportunities
Gives into our demands
I can see there are problems
Right in front of me
I will continue count the blessings
For that is what I see
Count your blessings to yourself
And let yourself be known
Good and greatness exists
It only needs to be shown
At times I shall fail
But will always find good
I love simplicity in life
We can all feel misunderstood
Count your blessings to yourself
Give into your inner drive
Feel all life has to offer
For today you are alive


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