My mother has told me since I was a baby I had ants in my pants. 

I never could relax and was always trying to find things to do.  I felt that way this morning!

Today I had made plans to go jogging. I don’t jog! But I have made it a point to keep trying different things. 

My goal is a 5k run in October.

The weather was cold and rainy about 32 degrees. I had promised myself to get out there and had planned out my route and several different scenarios.  So I got dressed an was ready to go.  I went to walk put the door and I heard a voice.

“Mama,” My son called, “Where are you going dressed like that.”

I had sneakers, sweat pants and an orange hoodie, not my usual nightgown.

“I am going to jog.” I said.

Isn’t that dangerous?” He asked.

“No, I answered

“Ok,” He said, “Can you ge me my Ipad.”

I laughed and started out down the road. 

My glasses fogged up and it was cold. My plan was to do about a mile.  It was so nice and quiet with no cars.  I did about a mile in about 11 minutes. 

I’m glad I have those ants in my pants.

It keeps me going!



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