Thought For Today

I was laying in bed with my husband and we were talking about life in general.

We have the best conversations!

He was frustrated about eating some unhealthy foods last night. 

I could feel his anger and disgust with himself.

We keep trying to get healthier!

I found myself giving the same pep talk he has given me.

One day at a time.

The hope for our future keeps us going.

A while back he had a some chest pain.

One night he cried to me he was afraid of dying!

Life is so real at times!

Understand you will fall at times!

Fear gives you perspective and true goals.

The future holds the best times to come!!

It makes one day seem so small in comparison!

Look at the entire picture.

Yearn for tomorrow.

Never let today hold you back!

Life awaits!!

Just a thought for today!!!

A friend always!





4 thoughts on “Thought For Today

  1. It’s so easy to let our fears take over. We gotta just keep moving forward to live our lives as best as we can and ignore those fears. They do us no good

  2. Very beautifully written! Sharing this with the world is great because many people struggle with this. It is very important to remember that today is today and it is over once you go to bed; tomorrow is always a new today!

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