I’ll Never Lose My Smile

A friend told me one thing about me is that I am always smiling.

I have to!!!

Life can be a series of disjointed moments.

You’re on the run and lack time to bond with people.

In fact you often avoid contact so that you can finish your daily regimen.

It gets tiring and depressing!

The best thing for me is to smile.

Often in groups of people I smile.

I want to let them know I am alive.

My heart beats with joy!

And that I have so much to give the world.

When I was a child I smiled to let my mother know I was happy.

In my teenage tears I smiled to get past the pain.

In college a smile helped me get through angst and meet new people.

As an adult I smiled to get through the day!  Encourage my family, friends and coworkers.

Today I smile for me!

There’s a place that I sit now!

It called contentment!

Life is not always easy!

But I believe I am where I am destined to be in life.

I’ll never lose my smile!

It’s an integral part of me!







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