Planking It

Today there was a plank challenge at work.

I had never planked before so I decided to avoid it.

There were a couple of people that had asked me to do it.

I told them no.

My excuses were

I don’t know how to do one

My lower back hurts

I don’t want to look stupid

The list goes on & on.

One of my coworkers that has been exercising along with me asked me to do it.

She has been losing weight just like me and looks great.

She stopped by and told me I needed to try it.

I laughed and said no.

I thought she would give up on me!

She didn’t.

Later in the morning she stopped again.

She told me we were on this journey together!

Good point but I’m not doing it!

I told her to show me how to do one.

She dropped right onto the floor into a full plank.

I was impressed.

I went into an office & tried it.

It was not so bad!!

I left my fears aside and joined in on the challenge.

I planked for 2 minutes!!

It was hard but I had my new friend with me.

She kept telling me we have to do new things!

I agree!!

We do!!

Sometimes I want to throw my hands in the air and yell thank you!!

Sharing these awesome experiences with wonderful people!

I let go again!!

And I landed where I needed to be!!

Happy Planking!!  🙂



11 thoughts on “Planking It

  1. 2 minutes!!!!!!!!!!! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHMG! I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOO proud of YOU!!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t even do one for 15 seconds let alone 2 minutes 3 months ago. I still can’t do one for probably over much of a minute. WOWZA!!!!!!!!!! You go girl!

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