Lordy, Lordy

Lordy, lordy

Guess who has pushed it past 40!!

Lost 4.2 lbs

Total pounds lost 42.8

I had felt I had made it to the next decade.

But I became apprehensive Thursday morning before weigh in.

Like I always do!

I want it so bad!

I walked over to the meeting. Stepped on the scale and let out a whoop!

I felt like jumping up & down!

I had a little bit of a let down afterwards.

The little voice saying you have a long way to go!

Despair began to set in!

One of the weight watcher member’s shared a touching story with the group.

Her story kicked me out of my funk!!

Made me realize that a weak mind will only ruin or impede progress.

I did cry a little when I went to back to work.

The people I work with showered me with love, kind words and encouragement.

They are rooting for me!

I say it often but the words and encouragement give me strength!

Push me forward and squelch my fears!!

I can not do this alone!!

Thank you!





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