I Look Shorter?

So I am at work today and a coworker stops to tell me I am looking good.

She tells me I look shorter.


She explains that people that are overweight look bigger and taller to her.

Later I think about her comment and agree.

In carrying the extra weight I did look bigger and I would appear to be taller in stature.

Now I look smaller and have more of a shape!

I do look shorter!

Thanks to my coworker!

She made me feel like I am making progress!



8 thoughts on “I Look Shorter?

  1. Awesome!! It’s cool you took in the comment, analyzed it, and felt great about it!! You should! You’re a very hard worker!! Xoxo!! 🙂

  2. When I was obese my friend once told me “I think your the strongest one of us” and I was like “why?” she said “you look muscular”. I actually wasn’t muscular at all, in fact, I have a small body frame but because of the extra weight it made appear bigger than I really am.
    I am glad you’re feeling the results of your hard work 🙂

  3. Congratulations! You know what’s funny? I actually DID shrink when I lost weight! I was just over 5’4″ and now I’m just barely 5’3″. Maybe I had a super fat head and soles of my feet? LOL! I don’t know, but in two years time I shrank a whole inch.

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