Spheres of Influence

I was thinking of the things that influence my success.

How can I keep on track and help myself remember plans, strategies and goals?

I think everyone has a basic plan in their mind on how to lose weight.

We must really look at the factors that drive our success.

How do we keep channeling the energy?

So I did this little circle graph of some of the things which influence me.

My future success.

Make your own chart.

It can be anything you want.

I like the circle theme.

It’s my spheres of influence for future success!

Eating habits – Means eating healthy every day, trying not to binge and finding things to satisfy my hunger and cravings

Exercise – The biggest and best thing I have worked on to lose weight.  My other weight loss attempts failed because I failed to include exercise!

Self Esteem & Self Worth – I wake up everyday feeling better and stronger. If I love myself I know I cannot fail! I am worth it! Keep positive!

Staying on the program – Weight watchers gives me a guide and I use it every day. It gives me a foundation to build on.

Health Benefits – A constant reminder of the things I can change.  One day, one step and one good decision at a time!! 

A culmination of moments!!





3 thoughts on “Spheres of Influence

  1. I have done weight watchers before, it is very successful as long as you’re really doing it (which I’m sure you are!). I really love their program! I think it is the best one out there. I made the mistake of getting off of it though, and gained all my weight back :-/ but I lost it when I wanted to, so at least I know I’m capable if the motivation ever strikes again! But what is nice is that some of the things I learned I have stayed with me. So I do make better decisions with that knowledge!

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