When I Feel Closet to Him

Winter weather takes it toll on people!

You wake up and often rush to the window to look outside.

The bitter cold and wind test your resolve.

The snow seems like it will never end!

You pray for better things!

Warmer weather!

An end to the cold.

I awoke this morning to a snow squall.

The sky immediately went dark and opened up with snow.

I whimpered!

God I can’t take any more, please stop the snow.

In about half an hour the snow stopped and the sun appeared.

It these darkest days I feel a closeness to God!




One thought on “When I Feel Closet to Him

  1. It was 72 here yesterday. My daughter and I painted our toenails and put on flip flops! Today it’s been cold as heck and windy, too! What’s with this crazy weather? 🙂

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