The Best Things In Life Are Free

People look to so many thing to bring joy to their lives. 

The best things in life are free and only cost a personal investment!

Here are some of the best things I do in life that are free!!

Happy Saturday!!!


smiles A smile lights up any room.  Try it! Show some teeth! Even in my worst of days a smile has lead me out of a funk!
hugs Put your arms in a circle and put it around someone you care about! I try and do it as often as possible.  Let people know you care and that you are there for them!
encouraging words It takes 2 seconds to ask a person if they are ok.  You never know the turmoil a person may be in.  Concern and compassion are the best lifelines!
music A song in your heart makes your mood better! 
courtesy When the last time you told the person that packed your groceries, made your coffee or served you lunch thank you! The world would be a better place if we would appreciate people in our life!
love Love means enjoying the things is life that make you special! It makes you feel awesome!
happiness If you are happy people know! Show it! Be proud!
laughs Laughter spreads! It contagious!

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