Remind Me

So many things remind me

Memories dormant in my mind

I see with my eyes

The memories flood in

The good as well as the bad

Seeing a little girl overweight

All alone

Like me as a child

A young woman dancing like crazy to the music

Out of control and not thinking

Excited she lost a lot of weight

Trying to forget the pain of being fat

Throwing caution to the wind

Making mistakes left and right

Like me in my college years

An overweight woman looking for clothes

Unable to find ones that fit

Feeling frustrated and so unhappy

Like me a few months ago

Someone feeling beautiful and radiant

Finding her way in the world

Letting everyone understand she has awoken

From her slumber

Eyes full of passion

A desire to live life

Like me today

Vivid memories

The person I have been

And where I want to go

Opening my eyes

Listening to my heart

So many things remind me!!


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