Happy 70th Birthday Dad

Tomorrow will be my Dad’s 70th birthday.

I think about 1944 the year he was born.

The battles of World War II and the struggles at home.

It must have been a scary time for my grandparents.

A young couple with a tiny baby and a bunch of dreams.

The couple built a life and raised my father.

He left at a young age to join the Navy.

My grandmother was so upset she dressed a GI Joe doll in a navy uniform and kept it on her table as a reminder of him.

Grandma told me when he went away to the Navy he wrote her every day!!

He was always sure to tell her not to worry and that he loved her!!

Dad went on to meet my mom and start his own family.

My father is an amazing man!

He is honest and hardworking.

Kind and considerate!

This weekend we will be having  a party for him with the family.

I have a speech to read so I am poised and ready!(Of course not!)

Times have flown.

I love the photo in his navy uniform.

So young and vibrant!

Full of life!

This is how I will always remember my father!!

He has lived in many different eras.

And has not changed.

My father is a constant in my life!



3 thoughts on “Happy 70th Birthday Dad

  1. How wonderful! It’s amazing to think of the things that our parents and grandparents have gone through during their lives. I hope the family has a wonderfully fun celebration! 🙂

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