The Middle Road

Usually Monday is a hectic day! 

But today has been the opposite. 

I have been cool as a cucumber all day. 

I have not worried about one thing today!!

I wish I could bottle this feeling.

I often find myself too high or low on any given day.

One of the biggest reasons was some me time.

I took Friday off from work, I went on a date night and even got a chance to get some new bras this weekend!!

There was no TV this weekend and I curled up several times to read books or magazines.

My goal is to head more often to the middle road. 

It a comfortable spot for me just like my pillows at bedtime. 

My head rests in that spot!

I think of all the things in my life.

Mellow Monday

The Middle Road!!



My mind is not frantically thinking.

I enjoying some peace and quiet because my son is in his room playing.


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