I Can’t Handle the Truth

A lazy Saturday.

I think I have found every excuse not to do something.

So the television’s on and I’m hearing previews for the movie “A Few Good Men.”.

I hear that famous line.

“You can’t handle the truth.”

I sit there for a moment.

I hear myself repeating the line.

My first response is to look at me

I can’t handle the truth!

The truth is all my life I hid from the thing which hurt me the most.

Being overweight.

So I decided to ignore the pounds I was packing on.

I chose to wallow in self pity rather than seek answers to my problems.

For many years I laid dormant waiting for changes which would never come!

I became so good at hiding the truth I failed to notice the size clothes I was fitting in or the harmful health effects plaguing my body.

I made myself believe my weight was fine with me.

But it was not the case. The numbers spiraled up and down. I fought to be happy and healthy yet I could always feel the pain.

My shortcomings were not addressed and I failed to face them head on.

The last four months have been difficult.Ā  There are so many moments I must look at the truth to keep me going on my journey.

I must refocus.

Weight loss involves truth.

Truth revolves around character, strength, conviction, sincerity and standards.

These values get you to your goals

And help keep you there!!

I am getting better at handling the truth!

It takes time and a lot of effort!





4 thoughts on “I Can’t Handle the Truth

  1. Being overweight is such a complicated thing! I often wonder about all the factors that causes people to become overweight. For me I think I’ve identified a lot of them. It is about the truth. I know for myself and probably most people, we need to really examine how we’re living our lives and what we want from our lives. If we’re overweight the two probably don’t agree- how we live compared to how we *want* to live. We don’t admit that we are the only ones that can live our lives and we must make our own changes. For me I just ignored all that and kept thinking things would change without me doing any effort to make those changes (like magic, haha). Great post, thanks!

    • Thank you!! I love this comment!! It does hurt but with the support we get it helps take away the pain and get to the truth of the matter. Never be afraid to feel!! šŸ™‚

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