Saturday Morning

It Saturday Morning!!

I am at the computer early in the morning writing about my life.


Because I can!

I want to take every opportunity to put the pen to the paper and share my thoughts!

It’s a chance to share my love and understanding of life.

I love to tell people to do what makes you happy!

In our lives we sometimes neglect our inner selves due to commitments or feeling guilty for not working on something more important.

What is more important than our minds or our feelings?

The moments we take to rejoice in being alive can power us through any day and give us a chance to realize our self worth.

If I appear to be rambling I apologize but I have to admit it is me.

I take the things I see, hear, feel and smell and create an everlasting memory for me with words.

It’s a part of me I will not let go of in life.

It just a Saturday morning with me in my pjs doing what I love to do.

Stop, take a moment and revel in being you!!



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