A Woman Above the Rest

I often find myself in awe of woman in my life. 

If you take a moment you can hear their struggles and rejoice with them in happiness.

It is not an easy road that they take but they find a way to raise their families, live fulfilling lives and somehow find the time to be your friend.

My friend Melissa is a woman I admire.  We met in high school and became friends.

I would say we were not best friends in high school but we were good friends. After school ended I noticed we began to grow our friendship. 

She is one of the best friends I have in life.

I love her spirit and tenacity!

She married young and had three children pretty quickly. 

Every time I spoke to her she was working on getting a better job or taking classes for school.  When she and her husband split she never complained or cried to me. 

Instead she began to work harder and take things on herself. 

Inside she had a burning desire to be successful and make the best life for her children who were the focus point. 

It was funny around the time I got married I noticed she was dating a new man.  I felt so excited for her.  At my wedding I saw him for the first time and I remembered thinking what a beautiful couple!! I hoped it would work out the best for her.

It did work out for her and they went on to have a son together to complete their family.  The man she married became a father to her children. 

I understand life is not always easy for her now.  There are bills, illnesses and unforeseen things in life. 

The best thing is to see your friend happy and to realize after all these years you have a wonderful person to share in life with you. 

I have to say she still is taking classes and keeps working on her life. 

Her eyes burn with intense passion but she has a smile that will light up any room.

She delights in her beautiful children and maintains a warm and loving bond with her husband.

I consider her a woman above the rest!!

A person that gives to the people around her and makes your life better by just being in it!



5 thoughts on “A Woman Above the Rest

  1. She sounds like a wonderful friend, and so are you for noticing all those wonderful things about her! 🙂 Finding a life long friend is rare, you are very lucky and blessed. 🙂

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