I Felt Special

It was my cadio kick boxing class.

I did better than last week. 

The only problem is my size and my inexperience. 

My agility is not the best. 

At the end the fitness instructor had everyone getting down to the floor and get back up. 

It wasn’t happening for me. 

All of a sudden I hear her yell “If you can’t do that do this”.  I saw her doing leg lifts. 

I started doing leg lifts and kept up with the group.

It was a victory for me.

The goal of the exercise is to do it at your pace and use low impact or high impact.

I get it!!

I just need to move!

It’s amazing how a person can lift your spirits and make you feel more human.

I don’t have to be an expert!!

I need to try my best!!

I have to thank our fitness instructor!!

I felt special!!!


7 thoughts on “I Felt Special

  1. Thats awsome, its easy to get frustrated when you cant do the things eveyone else is doing.
    I cant do full press ups, my boyfreind says im cheating by doing knee press ups but i dont care, something is better than nothing.

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