We NEED a Fat Girl Running Image Bank

She inspires me!!! 🙂

The Fat Girls Guide To Running

When I first started running I hated seeing pictures of me in action, in fact I hated pictures of me full stop when I was BIG so there are very few of me at my largest.

This is one of the few that does exist

20140308-222031.jpg Day 1 of a bootcamp circa 2006

I could kick myself now though, cos as my blog develops I find myself struggling to find appropriate images to use. What I never do though is steal images of fat runners from the internet, and this is for a number of reasons.

1. Image permission law is complicated and confusing and could see me in all kinda of trouble, which is a stress I really don’t need.

2. It’s lazy. Why use someone else’s image when the blog is about me. It’s my creation so I want it to be unique.


3. It’s inappropriate. I know how…

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