I have asked myself this so many times so I decided to analyze these attributes.


I think you know I love myself and have the desire!


Those darn emotions get in the way.  I get upset or I want to cry.  Also I tend to be very moody and depressed at time.


The nicer weather presents so many different ways to exercise! Also my husband has helped by creating healthy meals which leave me craving vegetables and healthier options.


I think self doubt is the biggest threat!  The only person that can stop me is me!

Those dreaded plateaus have begun to set in but if I keep walking there has to be some higher ground!

I want to thank everyone for their love, encouragement and support!

Sometimes you think it may be only words but it is love and inspiration for me!

Happy Saturday!!!





13 thoughts on “SWOT

  1. Happy Saturday to you, too! I really like this! My best friend, since I was 18, worked as an addictions counselor for many years. She always says that we create our own experiences. It’s a simple statement, but I think it’s true and very profound. YOU, are creating a wonderful, positive experience for yourself. Choosing to love yourself is the key–after all, we’d only do good things for those we love. You’re really growing in heart and mind as you reduce in body! 🙂

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