Pizza Dough 2 Dave(my husband) 0

So today my husband decides to try something different. 

All week I have been coming home to awesome dinners which are not only delicious and filling but healthy as well as calorie conscious.

He decided to make a whole wheat pizza dough.  So he decided to use my Kitchen Aid with the dough hook. 

The first try he sent me a picture and let’s say it didn’t look right.

Did he decide to throw in the towel?

No, he tried it again.

It did not come out any better.

So then he got in the car and bought some dough.

But it was frozen!!

So guess what we did not have for dinner? Pizza!

I smiled when I came home and saw one of the doughs in a bowl.

It looked pretty rough!

But I love you for trying!!

Keep eating healthy!!


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