I Thought I’d Never Lose Anymore

I walked over to weight watchers with the same feeling of dread!!

Why do I allow myself to get so worked up all the time?

People must think I am mental!!

Our mentor Sheila always has a gleam in her eye.

Her best traits are her unending enthusiasm, perseverance and her meticulous attention to details.

Every meeting we sit and talk about staying on track and utilizing tools for weight loss success.

I got on the scale and looked down.

I was definitely fearful.

“So what are you going to write about today?” She asked.

I had shared with her my blog and she understood it was important to me.

Honestly, I had not a clue.

Not one ounce of inspiration.

I felt depleted.

“You lost,” She smiled.

Even the thought of being down 36.4 pounds did not pull me out of the doldrums.

Sheila gave me a quick hug and I headed upstairs.

The meeting started. We began to banter back and forth with the other members.

Sheila began to explain about an individual that had lost over seventy pounds.

She was explaining they were following the program.

It kept them on track.

Then she said it!

“I’d thought I’d never lose anymore.” She explained the member shared with the group.

I immediately sat straight up.ย  I could feel my head nodding in agreement.

I’m afraid I won’t lose anymore.

After all my success I was going to get discouraged.

Go back to my old self.

If I had paper and pen I would have feverishly started to write out my feelings.

How many times had I succeeded only to fail miserably?

It was too many to count.

In fact I was so good at failure I put the weight back on with a couple extra pounds for good measure.

I understand this is not my destiny.

The steps I have taken have to be a constant reminder.

I need to exercise, portion my food, eat healthier and love me.

For the first time I smiled.

I need to practice being stronger.

Rely on the things I learned.

I can no longer hide from me or the feelings I have inside.

I have to face life!

I get it!!

I often go over and over these principles but I have to keep them in my head!!

It’s a part of me!

Wake up every day to manage my life.

Keep my feelings in check.

Use the tools!!

Try not to get discouraged.

Look for inspiration!

Accept help and kindness from others.

I cannot live by my past failures!

I need to live for today!

And work towards tomorrow!

I thought I’d never lose anymore!

But it’s not true!

I have the program I need in place!

Thanks Sheila!!

You are my inspiration!!


5 thoughts on “I Thought I’d Never Lose Anymore

  1. You’re putting so much heart and effort into your program. You are a great inspiration to me. I’m really learning a lot from your journey :). Keep up the great work! ๐Ÿ™‚

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