Let’s Stay Together

The tabloids have been having a field day with the newest celebrity break up. 

A beautiful couple with an idyllic life and storied past has called it quits.

Do you ask why?

Do you ask will this happen to your relationship?

After some soul searching I realized these decisions are based on how people feel about themselves and the relationship.  Relationships are dynamic bonds which are extremely painful when the couple decide to part ways.

I often look to my parents for guidance on this subject.  It was never a smooth ride. These two partners could extremely dislike each other one day and the next would be back in love again.  It did not matter the disgust or anger in the relationship because the feeling would instantly revert back to love and companionship in the times of need,

“If he loves you no matter what happens he will come back for you.  There will be nothing in the world that will stop him.”

My father said when I cried about my relationship woes.

Love relies on the intense bond.  It provides the basis and support for the changes in life we must go through. 

I often find a voice that tells me this is the person I am supposed to be with. There always has to be another try. 

I love watching older couples together.  I often find them looking at each other and smiling or holding hands.

At the doctors office I saw one couple that could barely walk but the other partner was holding the other up. 

I choked up for a few minutes and I shook my head.

Love represents effervescent beauty.  In its simplest form it is two people yet it is a complex web of emotions and desire. 

A legacy of two people who refuse to give up on each other and that have vowed to spend life together until the end!! 


I am so sorry to hear about that couple.

Sometimes it does not work! 

I know they must be hurting!





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