What I Have Learned So Far

Did you have preconceived notions about losing weight and getting healthy?

I sure did!

But as I chipped away I found out it is your story! 

You need to find your own solutions on how  to get fit and live a better life.

So I decided to write down a couple of my thoughts!


No Eating Allowed I hate to tell you but it is about eating. You need to make healthier choices.  In fact I think I eat more but it healthier choices!
Exercise Every Day My motto is you need a one or two days of rest.  The rest helps you build up your reserves and help muscles feel better.
Only Rigorous Exercise Exercise does not have to be a marathon or a cardio explosion.  It can be low or high impact.  If you feel like dancing a little while go for it.  As long as your body is moving and some sweat is involved it looks like everything is going well.
Strict Diet On my other weight loss adventures I thought a Smart One and a diet coke were a must for lunch.  I was wrong.  Open a cookbook and find healthy recipes.  Go in the grocery store and find those different fruit and vegetable choices! Yum!!
No Bad Days I really thought I blew it a couple of times.  But in having a bad day I went on to have a better week.  Be like the grass bend but do not break!
One Exercise Routine I was very guilty of this in the beginning. I popped in the same exercise DVD and listened to the same mundane routine.  Instead of this I go to classes and make up my  own routine at home.
It’s Punishment You think you have done something wrong to have this struggle.  It’s a chance to have fun and live. Put a positive spin on it!
It’s Not Fair Of course it’s fair.  If you did not take care of yourself and you started unhealthy habits this may be the reason you gained weight. Who cares about the person that eats everything and doesn’t gain! It about you!
I Can’t Do It You can do it! My advise is one day at a time.  Get pushed down and jump back up.
I Am All Alone You are not alone!  Every day I am amazed by the stories, experiences and advice!

2 thoughts on “What I Have Learned So Far

  1. This wordpress community definitely makes me feel that I´m not alone in this! Your post is good, I think this is something we´re all thinking about most days. We got ourselves here and now it´s time to get back on track and eat healthy and exercise as our body allows us and not overdo it.

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