Love Led Me Home

It is bitter cold and blustery today in Upstate New York.

The snow whipped across the roads creating total whiteouts and icy conditions. 

I called my husband to let him know it may take a while to get home. 

“Are you okay Babe.”  He answered very concerned.

I proceeded to tell him how bad it was out. 

He reassuringly told me to keep going and he would be waiting for me.

A couple times I stopped because I could not see anything in front of my face. 

I kept going because I knew he was so worried about me.

I got home and he engulfed me in a hug. 

We had not talked last night or earlier in the day after our spat.

Tonight it was all love and affection!

It’s amazing one night is not so good but the next night is a whole different .

I ate too much tonight. 

I am okay with it.

Tomorrow is a new day!!!

I am warm, safe and happy.

Truly blessed.

Love led me home

As I could not see

To the main I adore

Waiting for me!

I love you so David!





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