I’m Not A Good Juggler

I think if I was in a circus I would not be a good clown. 

I just can’t seem to juggle anything too well. 

I get home from work and my husband tells me I forgot to fill out my son’s agenda book.  Then I look and there’s laundry that needs to be done.  My son needs a bath and the dog needs to go out. 

And to make things worse I get into an argument with my husband. 

I sat down to go on my blog and he comes in and goes goes off about me not spending time with him. 

He has five minutes before he has to leave and I just need a minute to myself. 

I have worked all day, thrown 2 loads of laundry in, scarfed down my dinner, washed a couple of dishes. 

It didn’t seem like he minded when I was running around doing those things.

He is truly the best but today is not good.

I’m tired and still not feeling the best. Snow and cold for tomorrow.

I better keep juggling!!

Thanks for listening!!!





12 thoughts on “I’m Not A Good Juggler

  1. I’m not always a good juggler either. Being a working mom while managing a household was the hardest job I ever had. Take a deep breath, put the balls down (juggling balls, I mean), and take a break for a moment–you need it and deserve it!

  2. Juggling is hard. I try to keep household stuff (laundry, cleaning) to certain days/nights (ie: Thursday night is laundry night) or something similar; if I can manage to keep on routine it takes a lot of pressure off. I also have to make “to-do” lists all the time, about everything…lol. But it helps! Other times we just have ‘off’ days when nothing seems to fall into place. I know this post was a couple days ago, but just know that tomorrow is a brand new day & I’m sure you’ll wake up with a smile! 🙂

  3. Other perspective here! lol It happens on both sides! When I get home and cook dinner for her and my kids, do the dishes, several loads of laundry, feed the dog, etc – it all gets wiped out if I pick up a guitar to practice. I get the evil eye or worse! lol

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