Things I Like About Myself

I think you should take time to write a couple of things that you like about yourself!! 

So I decided to share a few of these gems with you!!



Eyes My eyes are like big brown pools of ? Lets just leave it at my eyes are big and brown
Smile If you want to see some teeth just look at my smile!
Laugh I cackle more than a bunch of hens. I will also throw in a snort at the end of a real good laugh.
Sneeze If there was a prize for the world’s loudest sneezer I would win.  I have scared more co workers and have gotten more people emailing me saying god bless you!  Just to let you know they sit at another end of the building.
Wacky Sense of Humor I love to cut up a lot and act crazy.  One coworker blew his nose real loud and I yelled all aboard!  Life is no fun if you don’t act a little crazy at times!
Intelligence I think I could go a couple minutes with Bill Gates.
Baking Skills Apple pie and homemade bread and cinnamon buns.  Need I say more!!
Love to Write Of course you must have guessed that by all my posts!! 



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