Out of My Comfort Zone

Well I tried something of out my comfort zone.

Cadio kick boxing!!!

As my son would say OMG!!

The punches were fun, I didn’t mind the kicks.

Going to the floor & springing right up!

That move is going to need a lot of work!!

New challenge!!

I just need to make sure I pay attention and duck at the right time!!!




4 thoughts on “Out of My Comfort Zone

  1. That’s awesome, Kim! I am happy for you! I used to take kickboxing classes some years back when I was slim and trim. I know how much fun it can be! Talk about busting yer butt! lol. I saw results. It was a challenge, pushing my endurance and all that stuff, but the end of the class I felt amazing-can’t even describe it! best of luck, girlfriend! Keep rockin! 🙂

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