Open Book

I can relate to the idea of my life being like a book.

In some points the book was closed and any requests to read its pages were refused.

There were some times I would open the book for a short time only to slam it shut.

The best times of my life were when the book was wide open.

People could pour over the pages and give me input and direction on how to feel and live better.

The periods the book was closed I hid from people and life.ย  The thought of someone calling me names or putting me down forced me to keep the pages to myself.

In the times the book was open I loved being out in the world.ย  I was invigorated and full of passion.

But in one hasty moment I would be reminded of who I always thought I was and the book would slam shut.

The open book represented the joys of life and a renewed passion for being me.

My insecurities dropped to the wayside and I would see myself as a beautiful human being that deserved to be loved.

I ask myself why I let the book be closed for so long.

It hurts me to think I wasted so much of my life feeling sorry for myself and being unwilling to change.

And when I say change I not only refer to losing weight but to my attitude and disdain for life.

The pages of a book tell a story that is meant to be read and enjoyed.

I have learned the lessons over time and need my story to be told.

I want you to read it!.

Let you feel my renewed enthusiasm and excitement.

What’s holding you back from opening the pages of your book to the world?

Do you think people will make fun of you?

Do you think people will not care?

Do you think your life does not matter?

Do you feel nothing will change?

Trust me you are not alone!!



3 thoughts on “Open Book

  1. Why is there only a “like” button? There should be a “love” button too! ๐Ÿ˜€ You write some of the most profound things, and I think you’re pulling some of it from my brain too! lol Thank you for putting a voice to a lot of things that I think and feel but never have the voice to say! {{{hugs}}}

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