The Couple & The Kids

Often I am chasing my son around our local grocery store but I still notice people living their every day lives.

Some people delight me.

I enjoy the good things in life.  I take a mental pictures of these moments to reflect upon later in my day.

Everyone has reasons to rejoice in life.

Yesterday there was a couple walking together with two small boys.  A small child almost two was in the cart while a four year old was running alongside.

The parents seemed so young; I would guess they were in the mid twenties.

The mother was engaging the small child in the cart making him laugh while the father was doing his best to keep up with the fleet and nimble four year old.

The father caught up with the child and grabbed him in a bear hug. The boy screamed with laughter causing everyone in the store to look and laugh.

He put the young child in the cart and walk up to the mother.  He put his hand on her waist and gave her a loving kiss on the cheek.

For a moment I was lost and enjoying life at its best.

After I made my purchase I walked out to my car and saw the young couple loading the car.

The car was old and appeared to be on its last leg.  They did not appear to have a lot of money.

I smiled and felt a kinship with this couple.

I knew like me they were walking on the tightrope of life and hanging on by that piece of string to make ends meet.

But it was beautiful!

No amount of money can take away from those moments!


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