Mommy Doesn’t Have to Eat That!!!

I try to get my child to eat healthy. 

But there are times you allow them to eat some pretty unhealthy food. 

I delight in sharing these delicious morsels with him! 

I made a list of these things I finish up for my son. 

I am giving him healthier food with my weight loss. But when he does eat something like ice cream or chips I notice my willpower is not the best.

An idea would be to find ways to cut the calories, fat, add some nutrition or avoid these foods at all costs!!

What are your thoughts?


Ice Cream My son gets an ice cream cone and eats a portion of it. He hands it to me & I eat the rest of it! I get mad if he eats the whole thing!
Grilled Cheese There is nothing better than a grilled cheese.  My son eats everything but the crust.  I try to resist but those crispy grilled edges but they always find a way to my stomach
Pizza Another crust dilemma! After eating the best part with the cheese he always leaves the crust.  I usually hand it off to the dog but sometimes I just don’t want to share
Cake The frosting is usually his least favorite part. Guess who loves the frosting? Me! Usually I find myself sneaking a couple of licks that calorie laden sugar concoction.
McDonalds The Happy Meal is one of his favorite things.  Unfortunately it has a couple of things that I also like.  Especially the fries.  You didn’t think I’d say the apple slices!!!
Donuts I ask why he rarely eats the entire donut but manages to leave me a nugget.  He loves his Mommy!
Chips I open the bag or pop the top and immediately it draws me in.  Pringles, lays, fringles, cheetos! They all got my number!

13 thoughts on “Mommy Doesn’t Have to Eat That!!!

  1. I think that we have to make them want healthy foods. My kids already knew that subway was using some chemicals in their breads that were also used in the manufacture of shoes and yoga mats. There’s not a chance that they’ll ever eat there now. But we all had junk food growing up. We just need to limit the little folk. 🙂

  2. Cutting the naughty things out completely just won’t happen so I think you’re right about finding little ways around it. Cutting the crusts off the grilled cheese and putting them straight out for the birds maybe. I tried to cut out sweeties after dinner. They were allowed something from their sweetie bowl if they ate their dinner. Cutting it completely didn’t really go down well, with my husband either. I started putting fruit in the bowl as well. More often that not they will actually pick the fruit over the sweets or biscuits. They love picking new fruits at the supermaret. As a special treat they get to make their own fruit sundaes with yoghurt as well. I’m not saying they can’t have sweeties (we all know anything off limits is instantly the only thing you want). Maybe just offering a healthier alternative and not worrying too much when they have something a bit naughty. Everything in moderation, for us too.

  3. I can so relate to the pizza crust. I could eat one piece of pizza and then everyone just hand me your crust with a little bit of cheese and sauce..

  4. I grew up with no treats in my house ever! 😦 When my kids were small I was as particular as my mother about food. They would have some sort of small treat every 1-2 weeks like a Dairy Queen cone, or a Happy Meal. For me, the best way to keep away from that stuff is not have much of it in the house. I have weird adult kids who would choose fresh fruit over cake!

      • It’s so hard when you’re the only one having to watch what you eat and it’s very sweet that your son saves a little bit for you. I know I used to finish my kids’ meals when they were little. Kids deserve a treat now and again, so it is hard to keep all of the goodies out of the house. Plus, I often wonder if I didn’t go crazy with treats once I was out of my house because my mom was so restrictive with them. It’s good that your son has a few treats, so that he doesn’t desperately want them, possibly leading to becoming obsessed with them later. 🙂

  5. It’s hard. I have four kids and for almost 15 years I finished their treats and meals if they didn’t. I have spent most of the last two years teaching myself and them about healthy choices. They are not always willing participants, but we are changing our lifestyle.

  6. A treat once in a while is not out of the question, but fruit is definitely a better option. If he sees you eating fruit and eating good stuff, he’s going to want to try it too, so you’ll be starting good habits for him too. 🙂

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