A Heartfelt Prayer

Yesterday I found one of my friends is in the hospital and is very sick.  There is a chance she may not make it.

I hope God hears me on this one!!

Her name is Florence but she goes by Flossie.  As a friend she nurtures and loves you.  Stands beside you and roots for you.  Her belief in God has never waned even with all the sickness she had had in the past couple of years.

I remember the times we danced in the bathroom.  Laughed at silly things. The things we talked about!!

I am so lucky to have her in my life!

She is filled with love and caring for the people around her. 

Her children are the love over her life and she has 3 of the most beautiful grandchildren you have seen.

I need to pray for her!!!

Please hear my heartfelt prayer God!!

I ask that you give my friend life

No matter the circumstances

Give her back to the children that need her

And the grandchildren she adores

Guide her through the sickness

And make her stronger than before

I understand your will

And I accept your decisions

But please give my friend


Hear my heartfelt prayer

Love you Flossie!!!



12 thoughts on “A Heartfelt Prayer

  1. A beautiful post about what really matters, people who cheer others and being there for them. I am sure your concern is appreciated by Flossie and her family.

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