A Great Compliment

I was talking to a friend.

He saw me walking today.

“You look great and you are looking stronger.”

I stopped for a moment. 

A great compliment.

One that I have been dying to hear.

I had gone from a person that was weak. 

I could not walk any distance without gasping for air. 

I doubted I would ever be healthy.

Could I be getting stronger and healthier?

I am!!!

There is a steep hill where I was walking. 

I looked up the hill to the top.


I stood for a second.

My inner voice told me to go for it.

I sprinted up the hill without being out of breath. 

I stood there for a second.

Stronger when I was once weak.

Making my own success story!!!

I need to keep it going!!

Thanks Buddy for the compliment!!!


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