Wiggle Room

I have been trying hard to lose weight but there are those days. 

How can I keep focused?

How can I not get bored?

I have allowed myself some wiggle room.  I may do one thing but compensate in another way.  Exercise helps.  If I ate too much I try to exercise more.  Also I look at my day and arrange my diet.  If I am going out to lunch I try and budget it. A lighter breakfast gives me some room for later in the day.

But I do have those days I just say forget about staying within boundaries but I will definitely get back on track tomorrow.

If it is all or nothing I think I set myself up for failure!!




6 thoughts on “Wiggle Room

  1. We do need wiggle room. This really needs to be a forever lifestyle we can live with and maintain, so it just takes practice to figure out what that looks like for ourselves and each day will be different. I try to think of it as a learning process so I don’t get discouraged with a “bad” day or week.

  2. I’m with you, sister! I totally understand what you mean and how that feels. We are ready now. This is our year, and some major break throughs and changes are taking place right now. We got this! 🙂 Much love!

  3. I completely agree with you! You can’t be too strict with yourself and you need to be ready forgive yourself quickly and move on if you eat a bit more than you’ve planned. My counselor has told me that if I overeat one day, instead of working out extra hard the next day to add 10-15 extra minutes to my daily workout for the week. You’re less likely to have soreness or injuries that way. You’re doing this and you should be so, so proud!! 🙂

  4. I’ve totally struggled with the all or nothing attitude and it really messes me up. I am definitely trying to be more flexible knowing that nothing with be “perfect” and that one bad moment or day doesn’t need to ruin my whole outlook!

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