The Big Beautiful Woman & Her Man

I was out and about enjoying my day. 

I love to people watch.  I was sitting eating frozen yogurt when I saw a woman about my size walk in with her man. 

Her face was so beautiful and she looked lovely in the coral pink ensemble she was wearing.  The man with her was very attentive to her and was in love with every curve.  I could tell!! 

It made me so happy to see such a big beautiful woman with her man.

I guess it is not the size you wear but how you wear the size you are in!!!


7 thoughts on “The Big Beautiful Woman & Her Man

  1. I love it!! I too am grateful for a husband that loves me and my curves and picked me out a crowd of young skinny pretty girls in college. smiles.

    • I was trying to talk to my friend & I kept seeing them out of the corner of my eye. It’s nice to see people appreciating what the other person brings to the table 🙂

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