Over Forty, little less fat & fab

I’m 43 years old, a little less fat and I hope a lot more fab!!!

It’s funny how life always has its ups and downs.

Kind of like your weight. 

But it’s amazing how being positive helps smooth out the bumps. 

Right now I am at a good point. I have lost over thirty pounds, I feel healthy.

But I’m ready for more.

What about you?

Like always I am a little nervous and scared. 

I need to make it around this next bend. 

The only problem there is no finish line. 

I have to keep this up for the rest of my life.

I am so glad you are all here with me!!!Image


12 thoughts on “Over Forty, little less fat & fab

  1. I was introduced to your blog by weighttolose2013 just a couple of days ago and I’m so glad I was! It’s like you are reading my mind sometimes! I’m a wee bit older than you (46 for a few more months), so I have a lot of thoughts in common with you. 🙂 You’re an awesome writer, and obviously a wonderful friend (your earlier post about your dear friend Kim). Thank you for being you and for sharing your thoughts! 🙂

  2. This is a fabulous blog! I’d love to feature one of your posts on my blog, abenewjourney.com. Found you because you started following me today. Thank you! Email me if you’d let me share one of your posts and credit this blog of course. Paula@Paulamoldenhauer.com I have a specific post in mind. I’ve been browsing. ;o)

  3. You’re beautiful… and awesome! I’m glad you’re here to share my journey too!! I love your soul, your spirit. I’m glad there is no finish line – yes, glad – because that also means our journey together will never end 🙂

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