Love, Faith & Devotion

I met up with my friend today to spend some time to talk about our lives.

I truly cannot describe her in words. She possesses a warm and gentle heart with a keen sense of humor. 

Her laughter is infectious and her face is comforting.

We met at work. 

It was funny because we are both named Kim.  So I would get her roll over calls. 

It was quite hysterical. I would talk to her husband, mother or any one of her four sons on the phone.  I would have to explain they had the wrong Kim and deliver a message to her. 

I admire her for being a great mom to four boys as well as a warm, loving and spiritual person. 

The past couple of years has not been easy. 

Recently her mother passed away. 

I wanted so much to be there and help in her time of sorrow. 

Instead I often found her taking care of me and comforting me. Her warmth and compassion was for the people around her. This helped her during times of grief and sorrow.

She also relied on her faith in God.  You could see her eyes light up when she spoke about church and how much she loved to sing to God.

In September 2013 she decided to have surgery to address some problems.  Unfortunately it did not go well and she had numerous complications. 

I would talk to her and feel the pain she was in.   I felt I could not help.

I missed her desperately. It was not the same without her love and support. 

She did lose her position at work and found herself struggling to make ends meet.

It has not tainted her zest for life. 

In fact she still goes to church, helps others in need by donating time to a food pantry and rescue mission and is the most loving person. 

The lack of money and the personal struggles have not dampened her love and compassion. 

It has ignited her spirit.

Today we spent part of the day together.  I felt we had never been apart. 

There was laughter and a few tears. 

We rejoiced in the moment and made plans for our next adventure. 

She said to me, “You decide every day how your day is going to be.”

Those words are so true. 

If you wake up every day loving life and the people in it you should be able to find happiness.

She always gives such love, faith and devotion to the people in her life

In closing I will write her a little note from my heart


I miss you

I love you

I know you will be ok








7 thoughts on “Love, Faith & Devotion

  1. I love that through it all she was still faithful.
    God has better in store for her I am sure–just making her stronger. I loved the way you worded your post and glad you have given each other support and love. By the way, I am also Kim. lol

  2. Awesome post, Kim!!! I really love how you described your dear friend in the beginning of the post! I am happy that you have such a special person and bond in your life! I am also happy that the other Kim is happy in other ways, and doing well, even when financial matters aren’t going the best. I’m with you all! I agree that happiness has nothing to do with what you do for a living, its how you live, not how much you earn, but how much you learn. ❤
    Sending you love today, Kim!

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