A Little Help From My Friends

I am not a person that makes friends easily in my life. 

It stems back to my feelings of insecurity and lack of confidence.

People need to work on being a better person as well as friend. 

It’s relates to the importance of friends and how you spend your time with them.

Do you always talk about yourself? Are your problems more important the their problems? Do you often interrupt them?

You have to be a friend to them as well. 

I often would vent my problems with them but not ask about the things happening in their life. 

I have sat back and asked myself the things I could do to support them as they have always supported me.

The number one thing is to listen but also ask. 

Good friends are often receivers with people who are frequent givers.  By giver I mean people who attempt to give every detail of their life.

I have identified this tendency of mine to be a giver and now I want to be a receiver.

It is not the number of friends but the quality of them in my life.  I have been so blessed with some of the most loving people who have taken the time to nurture and encourage me over the years. 

When I think of my friends it makes me feel full of life and gives me the incentive to change. 

Friends understand you and make it easier to be comfortable in your own skin. 

It will never be perfect. Take the time to appreciate the special people in your life.  Call a friend and say hello. Ask them about their day. 

We all feel better with a little help from our friends!!!  They need your help as well!!   🙂 


5 thoughts on “A Little Help From My Friends

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