A Friend to Remember

It was one of those school bus rides you never forget. 

The bus was loaded with kids.  It was loud and crazy.

I often would sit in my seat and try and reflect on my day. 

I tried to be invisible because it was one of the worst places for a chubby kid like me. 

My sister’s friend was sitting behind me. 

I liked to think she was a little bit of my friend as well. I truly loved her. 

Life was her specialty because she lived it!! 

On sunny days she would walk around the block with an umbrella saying it was raining.  There were also days she would hop around in a bunny suit or whatever other costume she could conjure up.  The best was when my parents were at work and she would come over.  We would take puppets out of the second floor window and yell at people walking by. (The puppets were Burt & Ernie from Sesame Street!!)

Laughter was plentiful when she was around.

For some reason one of my classmates decided it was time to start up with the fat jokes.  It was one of those days I did not care so I just sat and ignored him.

All of a sudden my sister’s friend stood up and yelled at him.

“Who the hell do you think you are saying those things to her!!.”

He tried to make another joke.

The reaction from her was priceless.

She was screaming and pointing at him.

” You should talk you ugly little worm. Sit back and shut up before I kill you.”

I turned around and looked at her. She smiled at me.  We began to laugh.

Even though she was my sister’s friend I think she liked me as well.

A friend I will always remember!!!




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