My Bad Habits

I think if I locked myself in my house sometimes I would be able to kick my bad eating habits. But I must live in the outside world.  So I ventured to the movie theater and wanted to eat everything in sight. Popcorn, candy, slushies, soda, pretzels, nachos were a few of the things I craved. I had a couple of bites of popcorn but that was all.  My mom dropped off some chocolates for Valentines Day.  I can hear them calling my name.

Will someone please throw me a life line!!!! 


16 thoughts on “My Bad Habits

  1. Lifeline tossed! Don’t give in. You’ve worked too hard to get here. Theses are those ‘moments’ that we’ll encounter along the way. It’s how we deal with them that determines our success.

  2. Popcorn is actually an excellent snack (OK, not the cinema popcorn which is covered in sugar, but if you make it yourself…) and very very scrummy. Don’t deny yourself these foods though or you could end up cracking and binging, just eat in moderation. Get some dark chocolate if you’re really craving it and make sure to eat it after some protein or long release carbs as it’ll be absorbed at the same rate so you won’t get sugar spikes and end up craving more! And most importantly, when you have these foods enjoy them, savour them and don’t feel guilty.

    • It was cinema popcorn so I bought small bags for my son and his friend!! I did ok. I will have to keep the dark chocolate on my purse. Great advise!! 🙂

  3. Don’t complete deny yourself of all treats, I had a few M&M’s tonight since I was craving sweets. I find if I don’t have a little something every once in a while I’ll end up binging. That said, good job on resisting!! 🙂 It’s so hard when the stuff is right in front of you!

  4. I keep any treats in a corner in the basement. I tend to forget about them … and then when I find them I realize that I didn’t really miss them 😉

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