Love yourself again

I hope you don’t mind. 

I take every opportunity to be a positive person!!

My goal is to share with you my thoughts. Give a little light to our lives. 

In the scheme of things I am a nobody.  I have ten dollars in the bank, drive a boring car and have no recording contracts. 

Instead I have passion and a love for life. 

Of course I do get down.

But t I reflect on life itself.

We filled the bird feeder this weekend. Every little bird you can imagine has been stopping by for a snack. 

It is absolutely beautiful. 

The best thing is it doesn’t cost a thing to enjoy. Makes me love the things around me.

When I started losing weight my challenge was find ways to exercise and eat right. 

Instead I found out it was a courtship. 

A chance to build the love and affection I have always had for myself.

One of the best ways was reflecting on my past.  I looked at when I was skinnier and I saw it was not the happiest point of my life.  In fact I was miserable. 

In finding out these facts I finally found the strength to forgive myself for the things I was not and the courage to forgive others. Ultimately ask for more in my own life.

I have started new relationships with the people around me.  My fitness coach, people online and even my husband. 

Additionally I have accepted my faults and rationalized it is a part of the being.

The question remains how to stay focused and make it to my goals.

It is so simple. 

I must remain creative.  Put the pen to the paper every day of my life.  Take the time to heal wounds and put them in perspective.  Enjoy the little things in life like the birds. 

Also I have a responsibility to pay it forward.  To give others my hope and understanding.

So for today take couple of moments and begin to love yourself again. 

It is worth it!!


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