Meal Madness

There’s March Madness coming but what about a Meal Madness!!!!

Think of ideas to warm up those winter nights!!

Also center your meal around the vegetable and not the meat!!!

It will help you eat more vegetables!!


Stir fry try An easy and affordable dinner for a family. It starts with lean meat, lots of vegetables and a healthy starch like brown rise.  Use a little olive oil on the pan, some spices and let your imagination take you to new culinary heights.
Grill thrill Meat and vegetables on the grill. A simple but healthy dinner.  Pull out the George Foreman or get a little indoor grill. Just make sure to have some windows open or the exhaust fan running on the stove.
Vegetable relay medley Check out the freezer section.  The amount of healthy combinations are endless. You will never be in a rut and have so many ideas to create a masterpiece.
Circular movements Make sure to check those circulars.  Fresh vegetables are expensive but in season tend to be more affordable.  This week asparagus was on sale in my area.  I made sure to grab some bunches to mix in with breakfast, lunch and dinner
Spice up your life Taste is so important to our palate.  Most stores have sea salt grinders and cracked pepper.  Also there are so many choices which you can combine without the sodium to make a great tasting meal.
Kebob it If you have not planned dinner do this. Go to your local store get boneless chicken breasts, cherry tomatoes, button mushrooms and an onion.  Purchase some skewers.  I found mine at a dollar store. Cube the chicken and marinate however you like it.  Make wedges with the onion. Then set up the skewers by alternating the ingredients. These can be baked or grill and are perfect with a serving of rice. I usually take everything off my skewer and mix it with the rice.
Lettuce entertain you The newest thing in our house is to take romaine lettuce and use it with tuna fish, chicken and even burgers.  It makes the perfect pockets and is much healthier than any bread.

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