A Bully Is a Bully

My son had come home from school the last few weeks upset and not wanting to talk about his day.

He is only seven so I don’t expect him to go into deep detail but a good or bad would have been just fine.  He begged not to go to school two Fridays in a row and kept complaining he was not feeling well. 

My son loved school. I was in total shock. I needed to take immediate action.

I called the school and voiced my concerns.

I never want my son to experience the feelings I had in school. 

Every day my classmates made fun about because of my weight. It was a time filled with heartache and loneliness.

If there is one thing I will tell my son is to be like grass and don’t break. 

But at times everyone has a point where enough is enough.

In 5th grade I had a male teacher who was very kind but I think in some aspects he lacked some common sense.  He liked to keep the class loose and really was not very good at discipline. 

We all sat in groups of four.  For some reason I was the only girl at my section.  It was horrible for me.  These boys were awful and took every opportunity to make fun of me for being fat. 

I could not step away from my desk without a comment or answer a question without a snicker.

One really bad day I had grown tired of the abuse. 

I think the boys did not realize I had enough stress in my own life.  My father had lost his job, my parents were arguing due to money, my younger brother had been sick and was keeping our family up all hours of the night. I felt depleted inside. 

For some reason they delighted in hitting my desk when I was trying to concentrate on my work.

The boy that sat across from me was the meanest and the worst offender.

His looks were mild mannered but he had a chip on his shoulder and a mean streak.

He laughed and slammed the desk into mine again.  I said it a little louder to cut it out.

They were all laughing at me now.  One of them made a smart remark. 

It was inevitable that these imbeciles were going to test me. 

The desk slammed into mine pretty hard for the last time.  

I slammed that desk into his as hard as I could.

He went backward in his chair almost falling to the floor. 

I began to scream at him at the top of my lungs.

“Leave me alone, leave me alone!” I began to sob hysterically and went out of the room.  The teacher was in total shock and followed me outside. 

And I yelled at the teacher. I cried. I told him everything. I screamed over and over again those boys needed to leave me alone. I could not take it anymore. 

I sat back at my desk and gave each one of those boys a horrible look. 

Each boy had a conversation with the teacher and principal. I was apologized to. My teacher assured it would be better situation. 

When I was quietly sobbing one of the boys brought me a tissue. 

The ring leader was pretty traumatized. His seat was moved to a different section.  He placed one of the nicest girls in the class across from me. 

It was very pleasant even with the two boys that had previously made fun of me. 

And the ring leader made sure he never got too close to me ever again.

I know I cannot protect my child from bullies. 

In fact I want him to have the inner voice to be able to stand up for him and others.  But he will know I am there for him. I will be his biggest advocate in life.

I got a call from one of the ladies I spoke to at the school. She went and sat in on a couple of classes and reported to me everything appeared fine.  Also she mentioned it to the school counselor to talk to my son about it. 

I took a breath and let it out.

We all have to deal with bullies in our life. 

It’s not easy.



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