I Forgive You

I was saddened to hear about another young and talented actor succumbing to an addiction. 

It’s so hard to understand how a vibrant and loving person cannot overcome an addiction in life to be happier and healthier.

I use examples to put this tragic loss in perspective. 

My thoughts turn to my paternal grandmother.

At a young age she began to drink.  She had lost her mother at age 19 and was taking care of a young child. 

She was overcome with grief and feelings of loneliness.

I believe the only way she could handle her grief and sorrow was to self medicate with alcohol. 

Her addition controlled her.

Shut her off from the world. 

Grandma was mean, inconsiderate and angry when she was intoxicated.  She called my parents all hours of the night until they were forced to take the phone off the hook. Grandma berated my father and grandfather in front of us. She would tell us horrible things about our mother. 

My parents tried to protect us from that world.  Mom and Dad tried to explain the reasons she was that way and let us know as children it was not our fault.

She could be loving at times. I remember she would cup my face in her hands and tell me she loved me with all her heart. That she needed the alcohol to help her through the day.  I was always her Kimmy.

I reflect inward to address my own problems. 

I have an addiction to food as well as tendencies to get depressed.

It makes me more aware I have to meet the challenges.

Find ways to conquer things like unhappiness, loneliness, depression, lack of self worth and poor self esteem. 

Positive energy helps refocus my life and steer me in the right direction.

It is important we take note of these sad stories. 

We have to wake up every day with new meaning and purpose.

Leave the things that make you want to retract from life behind.

Reach for good things within your grasp every day. 

Forgive yourself for your mistakes.

Realize at times you may need extra help. 

Don’t shut yourself off from the outside world.

Don’t make excuses for yourself or other people.

Learn and grow from life.

Share it with others.

Love you Grandma.

I forgive you.




4 thoughts on “I Forgive You

  1. What an excellent post. I’m sorry for your heartbreaking experiences with alcoholism. Addiction is a dangerous, heartless thief to many people. Great advice! Who is the person you’re referring to in the beginning…I’m not caught up on the news, lol.

      • Oh Yes…I did a quick post about him also. It is very sad. Heroin is so dangerous…it boggles my mind why anyone would even risk trying it once; you have no way of knowing if it could be a “bad batch” & instantly kill you. He was a great actor & it was such a shock. 😦

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