Romance is Not Dead, It Just Never Works Out

I love Valentine’s Day.

It combines love and romance.

Well for me it’s a lot of love!!! LOL

Yesterday my husband sent me flowers at work. The flowers came via UPS in a package. I opened the package and the flowers were frozen and dead.Β 

I was a little upset at first but the jokes were hilarious and my friends tried to help me revive those poor little things back to life.

If anything it is a symbol of my husband’s love and will be a good laugh for the years to come.

Today I took the day off to spend with my husband. He works at night so it would be perfect to spend a blissful day together.

We were going to lunch. I had a new red dress to wear My son was supposed to have school.

Here in upstate New York there has been about a foot of snow!!! So my son is home!! We are snowed in!!!

No romantic day together!!

But I am happy!!

My house is warm and my hubby is getting some well deserved sleep!!

As for romance, It may have to wait.

Romance is not dead it just never works out the way you want it to!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

A friend always



4 thoughts on “Romance is Not Dead, It Just Never Works Out

  1. That’s a great story. It’s the thought that counts. The weather just isn’t cooperating with Cupid these days. Yes, those romantic plans are never safe. There have been many times that one of my kids at one time or another, will leave their room and come into my room because of tummy aches or nightmares. It always puts a smile on my face when I look back on those memories.

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