Six Pack

I need help!!! My gut just will not go way!! Any exercises!! Suggestions? I would like a 10-15 minute routine!! 🙂

I have more rolls than a bakery!! LOL!



7 thoughts on “Six Pack

  1. I feel you! what I have found works well is leg lifts. Lay on your back and lift your legs up to make an L with your body, hold and pump in small spurts back and forth for 10-20 seconds and lower down slowly. Doing about 50 reps a day I significantly have reduced my lower belly bulge.

  2. Have you tried pinterest? I’ve got a board and follow lots of others with great exercises. Lots of different routines and areas to target all with good “how to” photos x

  3. Try a cleanse! Some of it is probably build-up! Then, check for allergies to foods. My husband dropped a lot in his gut when he cut gluten from his diet. Turns out he has a gluten-allergy! Same thing happened to my college roommate: she found out she had an allergy to soy, milk, and gluten! But, after cutting those foods, she dropped another 20 pounds.

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