The Things My Husband Has Done For me Out of Love


It’s almost Valentine’s Day and of course your thoughts turn to love. 

What are the things that special person has done out of love?

Do they put up with your moods, help you to reach your goals. cater to your needs or have they done some hopelessly romantic things?

There are so many but for me these are a few that stand out!!!



Professing your love for me Ok so when my husband gets drunk he professes his undying love for me to everyone. How do I know? Because they all tell me!  And it seems mostly with my Dad. At my cousins wedding he was totally intoxicated saying loudly to my dad over and over again “I really love your daughter.” My sisters said my father had to finally tell him to cut it out!!
Asking for my hand in marriage He planned on getting the perfect ring and doing everything right. So I think my father’s reaction was not what he had expected. “Dad I love your daughter and I want to ask for her hand in marriage. ” He turned around and said “Are you shitting me?” Priceless
Proposing in front of family & friends My sister’s wedding was a beautiful locale for his surprise wedding proposal.  The only thing was it was over a hundred degrees, my mascara had run all over my face, my brother ripped one of my spaghetti straps off my dress when we were dancing and he had to wait for mom because she had to go let the dog out. It was one of those crazy days that turned out just perfect!
Catering to my needs When I ask him how much he loves me it’s clear I need one thing. Those dreaded feminine hygiene products. I can see him run into the store tuck them under his arm and make a beeline for the register. Need to remind him I like the ones without the wings.
Taking care of our family A great father! The first days when our son was born I had the baby blues and was so tired. My mom would give him lessons on how to feed and burp him. He never gave up or wilted under the pressure of my Mom’s expectations. I laid in bed and laughed. His hands were so big he could hardly burp him and my mom the drill sergeant made him do it over and over again
Calming my moods Can you say DiGorno Pizza Toss? Ok so I have a tendency to get a little off the hook at times. He cooked the Digorno with the cardboard on it and I burnt my hand. So I took the pizza and flung it. He calmly told his friend I had thrown the Digorno & that he would call him right back.
Unendless Support We have supported each other in our weight loss attempts. I think though he needs to send back the Billy Boot camp CD. Working with me on making healthier meals, portion sizes as well as giving me ideas on exercise.
Showering me with love Truly kind and generous. I feel the best when we are together!! Will always be my Valentine!!

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