Diet Doc Visit

I read the letter to my diet doctor.

He was touched by the letter and excited about my progress. 

I love our visits but he always uses the word but when we talk.

But what are you going to do for the next 6-12 which will be the hardest for you to maintain your weight loss and not lose focus?

I was dumbfounded for a few moments.

He asked about working on my fitness goals possibly with my husband or a friend. 

I thought about it and then I thought about it more.

Can a married couple train together without ending up killing each other?

Why not?


So I decided to make a plan.

My husband will work with me.

We will be training together for a 5k race. Our goal is for the Pit Run which will be in October 2014(Last year’s race was October 6th). This race is for a fallen NYS State Trooper Ricky Parisian.

I am not a person that likes to run but the idea appealed to me.

We shook on it tonight so the training begins.  I have the app from the couch to the 5K. Dave(my husband)has already figured our course in our home town. 

If anyone else is game let me know. It would be fun for people to train together for the race.  In fact you will not even have to be here you could do it the same day in your own hometown.

As one we reach for our goals but together we can achieve our highest expectations.

Here we go to the next adventure!

Thanks Diet Doc!!!

See you in two months!!




3 thoughts on “Diet Doc Visit

  1. Your doctor was very blunt, which is good. Every day find something that motivates you. Every month I have an ‘event’ that I want to look sleek for. Keep up the great work!!

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