Dear Diet Doctor

Tomorrow I have an appointment with my weight loss doctor. He is a nurse practitioner that works with gastric bypass and lap band patients.  He also takes care of patients that he prescribes medication to lose weight.

At our last appointment he kept asking about me and how I was doing. I think I was dwelling on the number because I kept saying the amount of pounds I had lost. This was the only thing I was focused on.

So I decided I would write him a letter about my progress as well the things I have learned in the past couple of months.

Dear Diet Doctor,

I am so happy to be here today for my appointment.  I want to share with you my progress and let you know how I have grown in the last couple of months. 

I need to thank you.  When I stepped into your office I was terrified.  I thought you would ridicule me or make me feel inadequate.  Instead you gave me a new perspective on weight loss.  Supported my decision not to have surgery and prescribed me medication to help suppress my appetite. 

I have to let you know I stopped taking the medication after our second appointment. I made this decision for me. Especially since the medication can affect my high blood pressure.  I have learned that a pill can not solve your problems.  In order to lose weight you must change your habits and seek support. 

I have embraced a healthier lifestyle. One way is by exercising 5 – 6 days a week.  One of my favorite ways is to do a fitness walk. Every session I push myself towards new levels of fitness.

Exercise has been the best drug for me.  It raises my spirits and keeps me strong,  When I workout I see improvement and feel so much better.

I also make sure my diet includes fruits and vegetables. I watch the foods I eat.  Weight watchers has been great and gives me structure. I don’t think I would have gotten this far without it.

Also I want to let you know I have started a blog.  I share my thoughts and feelings with others and get such wonderful support and feedback.  I try to give others encouragement.  I have met people from all over having the same struggles with their weight. 

So I hope you notice the one thing I have not written about which is the amount of pounds I have lost.  I have found out this is not as important.  I need to focus on myself and the things I can do to lead a healthier life.  If I follow this plan I can lose weight.

I remember that first appointment when I wept about my weight.  I had never really touched the surface of what was happening on the inside because all I cared about was the outside. 

Weight loss involves change and lots of effort.  It is intertwined among the many facets of your life and can not be solved by working on one thing in your life. You must accept yourself and make better decisions.  Leave your past behind and see what has gotten you to this point.  I will need to follow this plan for the rest of my life.

I want to say you are truly kind and compassionate! You have helped me change my life.

Love always,


p.s A friend at work gave you the name of diet doctor & it stuck








4 thoughts on “Dear Diet Doctor

  1. Wow, good on you for losing weight the ‘natural’ way. You must have such strong willpower to have stopped taking the appetite suppressant and going solo.
    I wasn’t aware you were on WW either 🙂 well done you! 🙂

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